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T'is the season for parties, gift-giving, and CRACKBUNS first birthday! What a year it’s been for everybody and since the arrival of the first Fuwa-Fuwa Bun!! 🍞🍞  The word 'Slider' was usually followed by "What's that?"; "Mochi-Mochi Fries – what are those?!" but now thanks to you guys sharing the CB love, they've earned their place on the mouths of many. 💚


We first opened our doors in the dark, depths of lockdown but ever since then we’ve had slider stories a’plenty and many a’mouthful of Mochi-Mochi Fries…and as a HUGE THANK YOU to the Big Fans of Little Buns who made it possible – we’ve got a party bag of goodies for you. 🎉🎈🎂🎁


Here’s the line-up:

🍔 Anybody who shares our birthday (06.12) will get a FREE

(yes, FREE) Combo Meal on the day –with proof of ID, of course! 

*06.12.21 only *pick-up only *proof of ID required


🛵 Free delivery all day & night with Wolt

*06.12.21 only


😋 Happy HappyHour! Free French Toast every day 16-17h 

*6th-10th December, Mon-Fri

*with purchases over 8€

*subject to availability


And finally, since we’re in the party spirit, it’s probably worth mentioning that we’ve recently started catering for large orders tailored to your events – so the upcoming Office Xmas Party might have more buns on the photocopier than you expected... 😉

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